Knights of The Flowery Branch

Episode 1 - My Kingdom for a Horse

Wherein our intrepid layabouts are sent on an important mission from mom.

It was Friday afternoon and Jasbar and his pals were doing their usual thing, which is to say, not much. That’s when Jasbar’s mom started hollering about the horse running off again and “You boys get off your asses and go find that damn horse!” Jasbar and his friends Samwise and Bobbit track the horse through the woods for most of the day. They decide to make an adventure out of it, so Jasbar arms himself with a sharp hoe. Samwise get’s his short bow and Bobbit takes his trusty sling and shiv.

As it begins to darken they come to the border of a large swamp where the find the horse. Sadly the horse has met an untimely fate (dinner) at the hands of a shambling mound. Jasbar and friends attack the creature with their various farm implements and weapons. Bobbit has the bright idea of using a torch (it was getting dark and they had one – really) with excellent results. The shambling mound goes down without doing much damage to the party

As the party is looking around for more creatures, they discover some ancient burial crypts. Most of the crypts have caved in, or sunken into the swamp, but there are a few that look like they could be explored. Exploring ensues and some small treasures are found – including a real sword and a rusty buckler, which Jasbar trades out for his hoe.

In the last crypt they search they find more than they had bargained for. Apparently a couple of the skeletons in this crypt were just sleeping. They were not happy to be disturbed and woke up angry. Luckily Jasbar and the crew were able to dispatch them handily. Bobbit feels like there may be more to this crypt than meets the eye, so he starts searching around. Shortly he discovers that one of the sarcophogi is actually a trapdoor. Opening it reveals a stairwell. And a gas trap. The party makes it’s saving throw (run away run away) and waits for the gas to disperse. They they carefully head downstairs.



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